Who We Are

My story began 10 years ago at a digital place called Best Buy. Working in the camera department, I sought out to travel the world and capture moments as much as I could. In those travels, I documented a variety of photography categories which eventually led to weddings. Over the years, I was fortunate to find artistic minds with similar outlooks and styles, and thus, I created Signature Wedding Photography. This path opened a Pandora’s box of creativity and I haven’t looked back since.

I am currently married to my beautiful and amazingly talented wife Lydia who does a majority of my hair and make up work for my brides. We have two amazing dogs, Walker and Sansa, and a grumpy cat named Henry. We reside in Scottsdale, but you can usually find us traveling the world on our downtime. We love dance music, hiking, and discovering new things to do.

Together, we see moments in a different way. We love the art behind weddings. The entire planning process from how the cake looks, the colors to be used, and the setting and theme. There is so much that goes into your wedding day and we want to bring our storytelling style of photography to the table for you. We all know your wedding day is one of the best parties to be at, and in that moment, we want to capture images you didn’t know existed.

About Signature Wedding Photography

Our team is here to provide one of the best experiences on one of the biggest days in your life.

We are professionals, we are fun, we are different.
Let’s create something amazing together.




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Engagement Photographer Phoenix Arizona

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Meet the Best Wedding Photographer in Phoenix, Arizona,

Signature Wedding Photography.

We are Arizona based wedding photographers who specialize in capturing the true essence and raw emotion of your special event. When the music stops playing and it’s time to honeymoon, all that will be left are your photographs.

We believe every couple should focus on being present in the moment and allow us to immortalize your love to remember forever.

Bride and Groom Wedding Photography

We shoot weddings from inside the party, not detached from it.

We are like ninjas.

  There when you want to see us and invisible when you don’t. We will sneak our way right into your hearts, building relationships and capturing the inner and outer beauty of each individual.

When photographing a wedding, it is crucial to represent both the formality of the occasion and those off-guard moments which reflect the true spirit of your event. Having these candid photos allow you to observe the party from another perspective.

Being a wedding photographer is a delicate job. We witness situations that require tact and good judgment. Trust between us is our top priority. Our best photographs are born out of honest emotions, rather than direction. These are the timeless moments that are more powerful than forced sentimentality.

Our goal is to approach every photo shoot as a unique experience.

We seek to capture genuine moments in a way that highlight the emotional atmosphere at your wedding or engagement session.

We strive above all else to create imagery of your special day that captures the true essence of each individual present and their style, highlighting small details of the day that tell the story you don’t get to see while being swept away during your party.

We wait for those moments that touch the soul and reflect the personalities of the people involved in an organic way.

By shooting the feeling and vibe of each wedding day, your photographs will be timeless and still hold their power in 25 years and beyond.

Envision that moment when you’re sitting with your grandkids years down the road, looking back at your wedding images and reliving the experience with them, and the joy they will feel to see you smiling at each other.

Phoenix Photographers Wedding Circle

We believe weddings should be meaningful and memorable, not perfect.

Everyone we approach is a mystery, and it is our job to help unfold their story and capture their essence in an image.

As experienced wedding photographers, we have a gift for reading and relating to people and are intrigued by family relationships. We take the time to listen and emphasize what’s important for you and true to your unique personalities. Our clients always feel that they can be themselves 100%.

Remembering your special day through photos and videos will always be important, but what if we told you that you could receive a completely immersive three-dimensional experience from your special day?

We have a minimal footprint during live events so as to not distract from the guests’ experience. We also believe in collaborating with every vendor to showcase their work to its highest potential.

We understand the most important job of the wedding photographer is to capture the day in the most inconspicuous way possible.

We believe in immersing ourselves fully in the present moment to create real images. We don’t miss an instant–we are the first and last people on a dance floor. We care most about connecting with the person on the other side of the lens to bring out genuine warm emotions throughout the day.

Those who appreciate and give space for the real beauty to be felt, and those with the ability to let go and enjoy the moment.

We are lucky to say that we are already working with our dream clients who allow us to travel the world with them!

Our dream clients are wild on the dance floor and incurably romantic. Clients with a good sense of humor are our favorites. It’s so important to have a connection through the day, and having fun together is always the best way to get close to people you’ve never met before.

We love to work with anyone who is completely in love.

The dream client trusts my eye and lets me record the highlights of the day which I typically capture by feeling them. When we are able to work like this, the wedding day feels like a flow. We sense the rhythm and heartbeat of the wedding and then the photos come to fruition.

As avid explorers, we’ve photographed all over the world and in many high-pressure situations.

We pride ourselves in creating incredible images for very discerning couples in any locale.

Although we specialize in weddings in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Sedona, and various Arizona hot spots; we are huge on destination weddings and have expanded our coverage area to California, Oregon and Washington.

We love to see the world and have shot weddings in Oregon including the stunning Cannon Beach, Cancun Mexico, Cabo San Lucas Mexico, and Puerto Rico, Sedona, and the Colorado River inside the Grand Canyon to name a few.

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