Bride and groom looking into each other's eyes
Posted by | September 15, 2022
Current Wedding Trends

The year 2022 is on track to have a record number of wedding celebrations. While there are still some limitations, weddings are beginning to resemble their former selves once again,...

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Bride and groom kissing with bouquet
Posted by | September 3, 2022
Choosing a Photography Style for Your Wedding

Your wedding is as individual as you and your fiancé are. Deciding on a photography style long before the big day is essential to ensure your happiness with the visual...

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Bride and groom hugging and kissing in forest
Posted by | August 23, 2022
Wedding Photography Add-Ons

You have found the perfect wedding photographer, one who has taken the time to get to know you and your fiancé and has recommended a photography style that fits perfectly...

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Bride and groom with wedding party in fun pose
Posted by | June 1, 2022
When Wedding Timelines Run Late

Due to the variety of factors at play, weddings usually follow a strict timeline. At many of the very popular churches or wedding ceremony locations, there are several weddings planned...

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Bride and groom celebrating during ceremony
Posted by | May 24, 2022
Elopement vs. Wedding Ceremony

While many couples look forward to a traditional wedding ceremony, others prefer the alternative of elopement. There are pros and cons to either choice. The Advantages of Elopement Historically, couples...

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Groom looking over shoulder at bride first look
Posted by | April 13, 2022
Should the Groom See the Bride the Day of the Wedding?

Couples today follow all sorts of traditions, depending on their geographic, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. Most people, however, now have a modern approach to marriage. One of the biggest differences...

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groom kissing bride with mountains in background
Posted by | April 12, 2022
Sedona Weddings

If you have ever visited Sedona, Arizona, you would likely agree that it is a truly incredible place. However, if you have not, it should definitely be on your bucket...

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Behind shot of bride with bouquet in front of iron gating
Posted by | March 4, 2022
Indoor vs Outdoor Wedding Photography Shooting Tips

Each wedding is a little different and unique. When it comes to wedding photography, one basic but important distinction is the difference between indoor and outdoor locations. It's important to...

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Bride and groom kissing wedding quests taking pictures
Posted by | March 4, 2022
Unplugged Wedding Ceremonies

With approximately 85% of Americans owning smartphones these days, people are connected to the digital world now more than ever. And, while having 24/7 access to phone calls, emails, conference...

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engagement photo sunset silhouette
Posted by | January 19, 2022
Top Tips for Your Engagement Photo Shoot

Everyone takes photos at their wedding, but engagement photos can help you preserve additional treasured memories. Once you've chosen a wedding photographer, it's worth discussing engagement photos as well. As...

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