The Best Time of Year for Your Arizona Wedding

Are you planning a wedding and want to get married in Arizona? If you’re not from, or completely familiar with Arizona, it’s a good idea to vet out the nuances of the state before making your plans. Even if you have an indoor wedding or reception planned, is important to know that summers can be extremely hot and are therefore not the best time for a wedding.

So, what IS the best time of year to get married in Arizona? There are actually two answers to that question…


From March through May – There is just something special about a Spring Wedding. Birds singing, new flowers blooming and the blossoming of a new chapter between a loving couple. Spring in Arizona has some of the best temperatures in the nation. However, May can start to warm up a bit during the day, so that is something to keep in mind while choosing a date or inside/outside venue. A good rule of thumb is the later in May, the warmer it generally gets. So having an indoor ceremony with an outdoor reception in the evening, could be the perfect tandem for that specific time.


From Late September through November – Fall Weddings, for some, are the ultimate in providing for a romantic setting. Keep in mind that Autumn in Arizona may be different than what you experience in other states. For example, in the Phoenix area, most of the trees don’t change color due to the low desert climate. There are many beautiful flowers in bloom. Yes, even in the fall! However, north of the Phoenix area, like in Sedona for example, the tree leaves change their color into maroon, orange, etc. So, if having an outdoor wedding with the change of seasons as your backdrop is important to you, you’ll need to look to the northern cities, like Sedona, Flagstaff, Prescott or Pinetop. And in this situation, it might be best to do the ceremony outdoors, but have an indoor reception, as the nights will cool off considerably.

No matter what your setting preference is, the weather is wonderful in most of Arizona during these months. In the Phoenix area especially, this provides for an abundance of venue options around the Valley of the Sun.

Some couples choose both an outdoor ceremony and reception, others choose an indoor ceremony and indoor reception, and yet others choose a combination of both…outdoor-indoor, indoor-outdoor. There is no wrong answer.

Because the weather is so perfect during these months, over 80% of couples get married during those time frames in the Phoenix area. As a result, there are many couples vying for venues, wedding photographers, caterers, DJ’s, and more. So, as it pertains to wedding planning, and as the old saying goes…sooner is better than later.

Let’s look at some additional tips to plan a memorable Arizona wedding.


Start Planning as Early as Possible

Experts suggest that every couple should plan at least 12 to 18 months in advance to avoid the rush. But if you’re planning to get married in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert or any city in the Phoenix Metropolitan area referred to as The Valley, we recommend starting your planning at least 18 months prior. The same is true for other locations that are popular for weddings such as the town of Sedona and the National Parks.

This additional time buffer not only can help you secure the venue you really wanted, but also the best in vendors available. It also provides for extra time to save up for your wedding.


Flexible Dates Can Open Options

Most weddings are scheduled on Saturdays; however, Friday and Sunday weddings are becoming more popular as well. In fact, weddings can happen on every day of the week.

Being flexible on your wedding date, can help open up your options, should your favorite venue, photographer, etc, already be booked for Saturday. With only 4 Saturdays per month (on average), and with so many couples trying to secure locations and vendors; places and people can get booked up quickly.

Additionally, there are often price reductions for venues and wedding vendors on these “off peak days”. Sometimes that can be very helpful.

However, one thing to consider if having your wedding on a day other than a weekend, is the availability of your guests. While most guests will be able to schedule time off of work, there are some circumstances that may prevent others from being able to attend.


Weddings During Sunset

Arizona is well known for having spectacular sunsets. And arranging your wedding ceremony one or two hours before the official sunset time will likely be one of the most breath-taking moments of the wedding. If that is something that is really important to you, you’ll want to get input from the venue in question for their expertise in finding an appropriate start time based on the length of your ceremony as well as the orientation yourselves and of the guests. Without proper coordination, you, your intended, or your guests may be squinting into a blazing sun on the horizon. Alternatively, you’ll want to end at a time that will allow guests to see you as starting too late may mean a need for additional lighting after dark.

Timing coordination with your photographer is vital as well if you are planning a sunset ceremony. If you have your heart set on after ceremony photographs during the “golden hour” you’ll need to make sure you are in fact done with the ceremony by the time they need you. He or she will also need to make provisions for getting the shots you want in a timely manner since they’ll be working with shifting light.

Let’s check out just a few of the many popular places in the Phoenix, Arizona area where you can plan to have your wedding day.


  • Desert Botanical Garden – Many overlook this place, but this can be one of the top wedding destinations in Arizona. There are 2 or 3 locations inside for hosting, and with all of the trees and well kept plants around you, you will feel like you’re in an Oasis, as well as your guests!


  • Bella Rose Estate – This is another excellent Arizona wedding venue surrounded by South Mountain and the San Tan mountains. This dwelling showcases an elegant desert bohemian genuineness. The beauty of the waterfalls and flowers will automatically create a gorgeous ambiance for your wedding.


  • Tlaquepaque – If you are looking for a venue in Sedona, this location is certainly one to check out. Especially if you love the old-world charm and beauty of a romantic Mexican plaza. From the classic arched entry ways to the vine draped stucco walls and cobblestone walkways; this venue will take you and your guests back in time.


  • Venue at the Grove – One of our favorite locations, during the spring or fall, there is no venue quite as spectacular is this. You must see it in person to appreciate its beauty.


No matter how big or small, no matter how formal or casual, weddings take planning. One of the first steps is finding the right location at the right time of year. Arizona is a fantastic place for your special day, with a huge variety of locations and many months of beautiful weather.  We do hope this information has been helpful as you plan your event. Congratulations!

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