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Tavit here with Signature Wedding Photography, the top Phoenix wedding photographer. I know wedding planning can be intimidating, but I’m here to tell you, “Everything will be okay.” You are planning one of the greatest days in both of your lives, and you deserve to have the greatest team that cares about every second of it. We capture the highest quality, most colorful, and best moments to be given to you and your families. These moments will only happen once, and with our teams’ experience in flash, natural light, and low light photography, your wedding will be documented like nothing else you could have possibly imagined. Let’s get a beer, wine, or coffee together and learn about one another. Talk to you soon.


Phoenix Wedding Photographer

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Why Choose Us?

Our unique approach to immortalizing your special event starts with the intention to capture genuine moments in a way that highlights the emotional atmosphere at your wedding or engagement session.

About Us

Wedding Photography

Phoenix wedding photographer, Signature Wedding Photography, enjoys access to the most epic locations in Arizona for a breathtaking skyline. Specializing in Sedona wedding photography as well as wedding photography in Scottsdale and Flagstaff.

Engagement Photography

Engagement photography sessions are a great way to commemorate this wonderful time in your lives. Photos will be taken of you and your fiancé in a casual setting to capture your love and happiness freely and genuinely. Travel to destinations available.

Wedding Videography

Video preserves your vows and toasts, it reveals the faces of the couples as they make eye contact during the ceremony, and immortalizes the details of your event. If you think that’s cool, ask us about 360º photos and video.

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