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  • We are so honored to have had such a talented photographer shoot our engagement and wedding photos. Tavit has such a great eye for light, color, architecture and truly capturing the emotion and beauty of each moment. We were in absolute awe when we received our edits back and received so many compliments from friends and family…and our wedding venue even shared one of our photos to their facebook page! My husband and I look at our photos every day and we are instantly taken back to that day, reliving each moment. We can’t wait to receive our custom wedding album and have our favorite pics printed on canvas! We can’t thank Tavit enough for his time, creativity, invaluable work, but most importantly for being a dear friend. He will undoubtedly be our first choice for any professional photos in the future!
  • It was a great honor to have Tavit as photographer at our wedding! Our wedding was a dream, Ken and I were over the moon with happiness to be celebrating with our closest friends and family. We took off on our honeymoon after the big day, and it all felt so exciting and surreal. So, when our amazing photographer Tavit sent over our wedding photos a few days later, Ken and I were reliving the best day of our life. TAVIT photographs are ABSOLUTELY incredible. I’m completely breathless at every single picture and so incredibly grateful knowing how much time and effort he put into it. THANK YOU!!! Many of our guests told us how impressed they were with Tavit professional, respectful, extremely talented and easygoing. We are very proud to share our wedding pictures with friends and family, and would gladly recommend Signature By Tavit to anyone in need of a professional photographer, whether it be for engagement photos, a wedding, or any other special occasion!
  • Tavit’s work is superb! He is creative and accommodating, and captured stunning shots. He also did the couple’s engagement photos. We’ve had a difficult time selecting our favorites both from the engagement shoot and the wedding as all the photos were so amazing!!! He is a class act!
  • We could not have imagined a better experience or product from our wedding photographer. He was on time, dressed nicely, with a nicely dressed and professional assistant. He did not seem to be bothered by stress. He was quick and to the point with taking posed shots. When we got our photos back we could not believe all the live action shots he captured during the ceremony. I said he must be a ninja because I did not notice him taking pictures ever. We are just in love with our end products, we couldn’t be happier with his quality of work.
  • When we first met Tavit, we were immediately drawn to his passion, creativity, drive and his true love for photography. The photos he showed us, we so full of life, color and beauty and that was exactly what we wanted for our day. We had booked him right away knowing he would be the perfect person, I’d prefer to call him an artist, to help capture our wedding day! We took him to our venue and we could see his excitement and the wheels spinning in his head for fun and unique photo ideas that are definitely outside the cookie cutter wedding box which in the end, had no idea he would actually bring those ideas to life. He is professional, patient, creative, encouraging and very comfortable to work with. If something didn’t work, he would make a change and poof…magic!! He was with us from our first look until the very last minute of the wedding…and I gotta be honest, I didn’t even know he caught the moments he did because he is like a ninja!! I could not have imagined how PERFECT our wedding album is…every picture was more beautiful than the next that they honestly bring tears to my eyes, seriously. When you think of capturing your wedding day, knowing you won’t see every moment happening, it was so great to see that Tavit took the time to photograph every single guest and all the details that you tend to forget because as the couple you are wrapped up in the day. I could not be more thankful for him. Is he affordable? ABSOLUTELY Is he professional? ABSOLUTELY Is his work beautiful? ABSOLUTELY Is he going to work hard to make sure you have the perfect memories? ABSOLUTELY Would we use him again and suggest him to others? 100% -Ryan and Colleen
  • We seriously could not have picked a better photographer. Amazing professionalism, amazing photos. Thank you Tavit for capturing our special day.
  • We first saw Tavit’s work after he shot one of our friend’s weddings and we were blown away by how beautiful his images were. We were over the moon when he was able to do our wedding. All of his work is bright and full of life- exactly what we wanted! His photos are tailored to the people he is working with, and when you see his work and how he captures his clients’ individual personalities it blows you away- he is so talented to be able to capture not only a picture, but the personality of the person in the picture. Tavit is professional and passionate about his work, and he made our day go so smoothly- he had a plan and timeline for our photos and it worked out beautifully. Tavit is an artist and we are so, so happy with every single image he took- we wouldn’t change a thing. He is not only an amazing photographer but also a generous and kind person and he gave us one of the most special gifts we could ever receive- beautiful images that captured one of the best days of our lives.
  • I cannot say enough good things about Tavit. Because we are friends with Tavit and know his photography of other events (besides weddings), we were confident our pictures would turn out well, but he far exceeded our expectations. On the day of, he was happy to let us call the shots with poses, but was also right there with suggestions when we were stuck. In just over an hour, he effortlessly got countless amazing shots. Once the festivities started, we hardly noticed him, yet he captured all of the moments we hoped to carry with us. He hung with us for hours. We especially had a blast at the end of our party, getting final shots with everyone. And did I mention he had some serious abdominal pain during all of this? We only asked him what was wrong because we heard an audible exhale as we were walking from one place to the next. He never let his discomfort show, and delivered hours worth of amazing pictures. We have heard it takes some people six months to get their wedding photos – Tavit had ours to us in a week! Look no further for your wedding photographer. Tavit is your man!
  • Tavit was great to work with! Very personable and fun! He listened to what we wanted and executed. He was easy going which was helpful with any changes we may have had. We received our wedding photos super quick as well!
  • Tavit is an insanely talented wedding photographer. He is professional, timely, creative, and most importantly he is a genuine and sincere person. The beautiful moments he and his assistant Eric captured of our wedding, showcase that he puts his heart and soul into his work, and that he put the time and effort into our day, as if it was his own. We cannot thank you enough for all you did to capture the love and passion we all shared.
  • Tavit was the photographer for our daughters wedding back in May and is absolutely the best. He knew just what the bride and groom wanted and made it happen. His passion for what he does shows as he is working the event. The photographs are fantastic! Thank you so much! We will recommend him to anyone looking for a photographer.
  • Tavit photographed my wedding and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the pictures! Tavit was professional, dependable and such a joy to work with! It’s hard to find people who genuinely take pride in their work these days, but Tavit’s work is one in a million when it comes to professionalism and quality! I highly recommend having someone of Tavit’s caliber photograph your next special occasion!
  • We hired Tavit after a disappointing experience with our wedding photographer. We needed a photographer to recapture our wedding day. Looking through pages and pages of options on WW, I fell in love with Tavit’s creative photography. With limited time, challenging lighting and other obstacles, Tavit delivered superlative pictures that are worthy of calling art. Thank you Tavit AND Lydia for your tremendous effort. We look forward to working with you in the future!

  • Tavit was an AMAZING photographer for my son’s wedding. I would describe him as an artist who takes photos. If you want something other than ‘the standard fare photographer’ he is the one to get. Easy to work with, responsive, and reasonably priced for the value he brings. I will use him again when my next son gets married.

  • I can’t think of anyone more capable and devoted to capturing love and life than Tavit. He really took the time to scout out our location, which had to be done via google images since we got married in a very remote location in Page, AZ, and really got to know us and what our vision was so he could capture what we wanted. And he did not disappoint! My husband is a “guy’s guy”, and didn’t want anything “cliche” (hence getting married on the side of a river). We were going for an intimate environment that could truly emulate us and what our lifestyle was about, and Tavit captured it even more so. Many people couldn’t come to our wedding due to the remote nature, and we had so many compliments from those that saw the pictures, saying “we felt like we were there with you just by looking at the pictures”, and “those pictures were incredible. You should submit them to a magazine!” More than the beauty of the pictures, he was able to capture the conjunction of joy and love perfectly in one shot, and not just one time. We had many to choose from. Aside from the photography, we had some stressful moments when half the flowers and the DJ didn’t show up, and Tavit was able to help keep us calm, even stepping in later to offer his playlist on his iphone as a dj substitute. We also had a unique first dance that he helped us pull off, and we will never forget. In that one day, he was more than our photographer. He became a friend and incredible creator of our most precious day.
  • Tavit was absolutely wonderful to work with. He went over his ideas for the shots he wanted to take and we never had to give him a specific list of what we wanted because he already knew. His photos were amazing quality and so spot on with the important parts of our day. Loved it!!!


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