Wedding Photography Add-Ons

You have found the perfect wedding photographer, one who has taken the time to get to know you and your fiancé and has recommended a photography style that fits perfectly with how you envision the recording of your special day. Every wedding is different, from the vibe that the couple wants, to their budget. When looking back at your wedding photos, you’ll want every special moment to be there.

While our wedding packages are comprehensive, many couples find that they want a little something extra. Our wedding package extras allow you to personalize your photographic experience in a way that is meaningful to you while also fitting into your budget. After all, your wedding photos are not just a memory but a family heirloom that future generations will love. Here are just some of the wedding package add-ons our studio offers.

Additional Wedding Coverage Time Per Hour – $249

Wedding days always seem to go by in a flash. One thing you don’t want to pressure yourself with is getting in all the shots you wish because your photographer has to leave. Adding an hour or two (or three) to your package will make you feel more relaxed while allowing your photographer to get those special pre- and post-wedding photos that you’ll want to be sure to capture.

Additional Wedding Photographer (2-hour minimum) – $299

Many reasons justify the presence of an additional photographer. Are you planning a huge wedding with lots of guests? A second photographer can work alongside your main photographer to shoot different angles or be in different locations during the cocktail hour, reception, or at other times to get shots that a single photographer may not be able to capture. Also check out our blog post for the full list of reasons to consider a second shooter for your wedding.

Engagement Photography Session (15 edits) – $349

An engagement photography session gives us an additional opportunity to get to know you and your fiancé beyond consultation meetings. This session provides us with a chance to see your personalities so we can better serve you on your wedding day. Just as important, if you have never been photographed professionally before, this session also gives you a chance to become a little more comfortable being in front of the camera, as well as with your photographer. Building a rapport with your photographer will help you feel more relaxed and natural on your wedding day.

Family Session (1 hour) Includes 15 edits – $249

This add-on is perfect for couples with large families. With an hour dedicated to shooting family members only, you’ll be sure to get the shots everyone wants.

Boudoir Session – 2 hours – 15 edits – No Book – Digital Files Only – $349

Many couples give each other a special gift on their wedding day. Surprise your spouse with a photo book of your boudoir session. The greatest gift you can give is yourself. Commemorate your love in this unique manner.

Boudoir Session – 2 hours – 20 edits – 10 Spreads in an 8×8 Black Leather Book – $499

This add-on gives you more photos than our regular boudoir session, bound in a gorgeous leather album.

Handmade Italian Wedding Album: 12×8 Starting at $669

Often, couples assume they’ll download their photos and share them with family and friends. Instead of letting them only exist in the digital universe, why not create a family heirloom that you can pass down for generations? This add-on features high-quality prints you can’t get on your own in a beautifully bound handmade album.

Handmade Italian Crystal Wedding Album w/Premium Add-Ons – Leather, Wood, Matte Satin Pages: 12×8 $999

This deluxe version of our wedding album gives you a choice of covers on deluxe matte satin pages giving you the ultimate romantic heirloom that you’ll treasure for years to come.

Parent Book Copy Qty. (2) – 8×6 – $269

Are you looking for a unique way to say thank you to your parents and/or your in-laws after the wedding? A parent wedding album is a perfect gift for them to commemorate your nuptials. Choose your favorite photos, plus ones they would love, for this keepsake. Comes in a quantity of two.

Premium Fine Art Gallery Wrap Qty. (1) – 24×36 – $249

Every couple has a favorite wedding photo that stands head and shoulder above the others. Imagine that photo on your living room wall, or in another cherished location, as a fine art print. This stylish alternative to traditional framing places your favorite, high-resolution image on quality art canvas stretched over a wooden frame, with the photo’s edges visible over each side. The image receives a clear acrylic coating to provide durability and fading protection against ultraviolet rays. We will deliver it to you ready to hang so that you can enjoy it immediately.

Ultimate Crystal Wedding Album: All Premium Add-ons with Built-in 10-inch LED Screen for Movie Playback: 12×8 $1499

If you love all our add-ons and are having difficulty choosing which ones to buy, why not get them all? You’ll receive all the digital edits conveniently loaded onto an LED viewer that you can play whenever possible. It’s the ultimate wedding remembrance.

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