Wedding Party Photography

Wedding Party

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Wedding party photography happens before or after the ceremony, dependent on if the couple chooses to do a first look. This session is the second hardest session of the day. Managing 4-14 people on average to have their full attention is difficult, trust me! There is no secret way to get these done besides making sure everyone is on board and feeling great. Providing compliments is a surefire way to get everyone’s attention and make them stay on your team!

Once everyone is locked and loaded, it’s time to break down some barriers and let the personalities out! I always inform everyone that I do the formal, editorial style photos first, then we get into the fun and quirky pictures last, then they get rewarded with freedom and booze (if they wish) hah! My goal isn’t to talk a lot to your friends and family. I get straight to the point with how everyone should look, snap here and there and move on. Every personality is different so I try my best to adhere to the common sense rule by not being annoying and demanding too much. This enables me to get some epic candid and super fun pictures and providing them the space they need to enjoy the wedding itself. While most settings are local, if the wedding party is in the woodlands of Flagstaff such as Forest Highlands, or the creeks of Sedona like L’Auberge, everyone’s spirit tends to be even more upbeat due to the scenery!

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