Groom and Groomsmen Photography

Groom & Groomsmen

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The groom and groomsmen photography part of the day is undeniably the funniest part of the day. I have seen the burliest of men cry, and the goofiest of personalities not shed a tear. Grooms are usually a wildcard with emotions. The time with groomsmen will consist of best wishes to the groom, but a lot of jabs between the crew trying to one-up each other with memories and inside jokes are all too common and make for great moments! The groomsmen session runs about 15-20 minutes and is the first one to kick off the day with photos. They are eager to drink and party, so I try to make these fun and quick to not hold them back from their Jameson!

My time with the groom is refined and tactful. In my experience, most guys are not aware of how to look at a camera and pose. Which is fine, and that’s what I’m here for. In this session, I just talk to the groom or keep his friends in the vicinity to create some genuine laughs. The goal isn’t to be very serious on this major day. My team and I create a friend-style atmosphere while delivering high-quality snaps of the groom. Genuine and candid go a long way when you look back at your photos. So whether you’re laughing on the dance-floor on the beach in Cancun, or shedding a tear at your beautiful wife coming down the aisle in the sands of Cannon Beach, Oregon, I will be there to capture those special moments.

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