Bride and Bridesmaid Photography

Bride & Bridesmaid

The bride and bridesmaid photography session is one of the most lighthearted times of the whole day. Furthermore, I love this session because I get to see everyone 100% done and feeling fabulous. Capturing all the detail in the dresses, makeup, and flowers is all part of the process. Bridesmaids are great at creating some of the most incredible candid photos of the day. They are typically a best friend or sibling watching you marry the love of your life. Thus, capturing the tears and laughter always makes for some powerful photographs. The maid of honor is usually a best friend or a sibling if you have one. Some weddings recently have even featured a brides-man! Brides have started taking back what is the norm on a wedding day and really customizing everything to how they want.

Bride & Bridesmaid Solo Shots

Solo bride shots always resemble a magazine-esque flare. We call these photos editorial style. Dependent on the timeline of the day, I always try to get a few editorial-style photographs of the bride by herself. These bridal pictures showcase how amazing you look in your dress. The timeline sometimes allows this if we are running ahead of schedule. For almost all of my weddings, I have an assistant who isn’t a dedicated second photographer, but they are there to help me and help capture a few extra images here and there. Consequently, this extra service I provide is a huge hit with my brides as they appreciate the extra images I deliver within the gallery. Details vary from jewelry, hair and makeup, all the way to your flowers, shoes, and rings.

It is your wedding day, and I do my best to make you feel like a celebrity by providing a few highlights on how incredible you look. Thankfully, Arizona has some of the most beautiful venues in the states. Therefore, bride and bridesmaid photography in Sedona, Flagstaff, and Paradise Valley tend to showcase epic scenery plus you!

Let's create memories together.