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Bride & Groom

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The bride and groom is beyond ‘bride and groom.’ Whether you’re groom and groom, bride and bride, we know – love is love, and all couples are welcome. The couples that let us into their lives are 100% of the time ALWAYS awesome. Wedding photography brings people together from all walks of life. On your wedding day, the time the three of us get to have together is usually relaxed and full of fun. People always ask me, ‘What’s your style?’ And I honestly never know how to respond, so I’ll let you decide by looking below. I just want to provide the best artwork you hired me for, and that includes sharp, colorful, brilliant modern images. Whether you’re camera shy, a modeling pro, or just plain ol’ crazy, we will have a good time! Prepare to make out a lot, (with your spouse!) hang out with one another, and let me handle the pressure with my team.

On your wedding day, I will handle the logistics with your wedding coordinator if you have one and make sure we have time to get some special moments before or after the ceremony – and sunset if possible. We are pros in all lighting conditions, but the proof is in the pudding. Please check out the gallery below and enjoy!

Let's create memories together.