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I am proud to share some of the most amazing wedding photography galleries I have captured over the years. I have traveled all over the world, including the Grand Canyon, Colorado River, Sedona, Cancun, Horseshoe Bend, Oregon, Cabo, and many more – capturing some of the most incredible landscapes for the most incredible couples that believe in my team and me. From elopements, weddings, and engagement shoots, I feel like the luckiest photographer alive doing what I do. A big part of the wedding photography gallery is showing the highlights from the primary categories I find important at every wedding.

While the majority of my work is bride and groom-centric, please know that I am LBGTQ friendly and shoot anyone’s wedding. To me, love is love. In these galleries, you will find every highlight from the 50+ weddings I have taken over the years. Showcasing every individual wedding makes no sense and would take a huge amount of your time, so I took the best of the best from here and there and tried to showcase the most important images in category-centric viewings.

While every category is important at your wedding, images of the ceremony and family photos are usually the top two most important sets of images to the couple that hires me. I focus on candid moments, vibrancy, and emotion through all of my work. While certain filter trends exist on social media, I tend to stay in my lane and provide custom edits to every couple. Your photos will look one of a kind. No two weddings are the same, neither should the energy portrayed in the edits. Once or twice a year I like to update these galleries (when I have a chance!) outside of the busy season. Please look around at the categories, I hope you enjoy them. As always, please inquire with any questions. I hope to hear from you soon!

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