Wedding Ceremony Photos

Wedding Ceremony

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The Wedding Ceremony is the heart and soul of any wedding. Wedding ceremony photos are the toughest and best pictures (besides the dance floor ones!) of a wedding day. These photos involve capturing mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, and even siblings watching you on one of the biggest days in your life. I try my best to capture every angle of every moment with my team. In the wedding ceremony photos below, you will see tears, smiles, laughs, and sentiments. No 2 weddings are the same. My team and I try to capture each wedding uniquely.

The Pinnacle of the Wedding Day

Throughout my last 10+ years shooting weddings, the ceremony is regarded as the pinnacle of the wedding day. Sure, the party is always the fun part, but the ceremony is the most prized moment for the couple at hand. Ceremonies range in style, time, and experience. I have seen everything from religious ceremonies taking longer than an hour to ceremonies where both couples say ‘I Do’ in less than 10 minutes. Whichever your flavor, the photos are critical during these moments. Certain angles include the bride (or groom) coming down the aisle while ALSO capturing the groom’s (or brides) emotion as they see their loved one for the first time.

High Running Emotions

The guests and groom are seeing the bride in her dress for the first time if the couple opted out of a first look before the ceremony. Emotions typically run high. All of the preparation has led up to this very moment. The parents are usually letting go of their loved one while a new unity of solidarity is forming in front of friends and family. Capturing these emotions on a lot of faces is truly an acquired art and skill. For the ceremony, expect 2-3 photographers with my team. We’ll be running around as quietly as possible making sure that in 1, 10, or 50 years from now, those wedding ceremony photos are treasured forever.

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