Bridal Hair and Makeup

Bridal Hair & Makeup

Bridal hair and makeup including bridesmaids are significant on your wedding day to feel the absolute best! The majority of the gallery below includes all hair and makeup provided by my wife Lydia who is a professional artist. Her company, Signature Artists (see what we did there) delivers a 5-star level of customer service to all of my brides and bridesmaids. As a team, we communicate times easier and work together making your wedding day a stress-free experience. If we are on location, Lydia has been known to stick around through all the sessions. She helps with photos, doing touch-ups on all the girls. She even takes a camera providing even more great photos to the batch I edit!

The biggest takeaway is making sure you are on time with your girls for photos. If bridal hair and makeup fall behind, the domino effect happens and things get hairy. Lydia and I plan out our day and she always makes sure you are ready by the time I tell her to have you done by. In summary, our dual services can’t be beaten on your big day.

Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork in Bridal Hair & Makeup

With Lydia and her team, you can see all the amazing bridal hair and makeup details that last throughout your wedding. Too many times when I work with other makeup artists, hair falls apart or makeup is runny. Additionally, don’t even get me started on them running behind on schedule. Lydia uses the best airbrushing on the market and pins your hair tight to make sure nothing comes undone. If you need to include families such as moms, grandmas, nieces, and flower girls, Lydia can do it all. On a final note, we love to travel! We have been hired together for weddings in Cancun, Cabo, Oregon, and Flagstaff to name a few. If you are interested in hiring us both, we can create a custom collection tailored for your budget. Lastly, check out the hairstyles and makeup gallery below to see her and the team in action!

Let's create memories together.