First Look Photography

First Look

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First looks are powerful moments and therefore first look photography. Sometimes a couple will opt in to see each other before the ceremony in order to have some one-on-one time. These can be emotional interactions as the couple sees one another after they’ve been apart from the night before. Both of you are 100% ready and look and feel amazing from all of the pampering and grooming. You can imagine the sparks that fly when the groom turns around to see his wife be standing there completely glammed up. Sometimes it’s all happiness, sometimes tears hit and the emotional connection is unavoidable.

Benefits of First Look Photography

Doing first look photography is great because it gets the jitters out of the way. It re-ignites the anticipation and energy from the long day thus far. The major benefit of doing the first look is that we can now do the wedding party photos. This saves a ton of time for you to actually enjoy the wedding instead of doing photos. Essentially, since the wedding party photos are complete, the only pictures that need to be taken post-ceremony are the family pictures and a few of the both of you. This means you actually get to enjoy part of your cocktail hour with your guests.

First looks aren’t for everyone, and I understand that. Some like it classic where you see each other for the first time when the bride comes down the aisle. Those are great too! Whichever option you choose, check out the pictures below to see these incredible moments between these couples’ first looks.

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