6 Fantastic Props To Have on Your Wedding Day

Putting a romantic or a lighthearted twist on your big day has become increasingly popular. Happy couples are raising the bar and taking the traditional, posed wedding photos and turning them into colorful or vibrantly themed images to capture the big event. If your special day is coming up soon you might want to think about using these 6 fantastic props to have on your wedding day coming from a Scottsdale wedding photographer’s perspective.

Image by Signature Wedding Photography

1. Balloons

Add a splash of color and whimsy by using colorful balloons. These eye-catching wedding props can be coordinated with your wedding theme or simply have inscriptions like “I do” or “I Love You” featured on them.

2. Party Bombs

Like oversized party-poppers, these fun wedding photo props can add real excitement to your photos. If you have a good photographer that can capture the explosion at just the right time it can create fantastic images.

3.Portable Photo Frame

With everything being shared as it happens to various social media accounts, weddings have got in on the action. Cool or engraved photo frames like “The Happy Couple” or “She said yes” have become increasingly popular as a wedding photo prop.

4. Bubbles/Cloud Machine

Nothing adds a touch of romance like some dreamy wedding bubbles. These delicate orbs capture flashes of light and enhance your wedding photos with an almost surreal or dream-like quality. I did a recent wedding where the couple had a fog machine on the dance floor for their first dance. It looked like they were dancing on clouds. It was a very cool effect and made the wedding a bit more special.

Image by Signature Wedding Photography

5. Musical Instruments

Music lovers can use their favorite instrument as a wedding photo prop, adding a candid feel to your wedding photography. Pose with a guitar or with a piano for easy and natural feeling photos. Obviously some venues may or may not have a piano in their location. 

6. Smoke Bombs

A recent trend for super cool pics! Smoke bombs add color, drama, and excitement making them a favorite wedding prop for newly married couples. Capture your big day in a whole new way. Plan accordingly though, the last thing we want is to have colored smoke all over your white wedding dress. So, while this may seem awesome on your wedding day, I recommend using these on  a separate shoot elsewhere when you’re ready to ‘trash the dress’ and let out your creative side.

If you’re married, what’s your favorite prop you had at your wedding? If you’re engaged, what props do you plan on having at your wedding? Comment below and let me know!

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